French Champagne Wine Vinegar


To create our French Champagne Wine Vinegar, the grapes are hand-pressed and sent to ferment in stainless steel. After reaching the desired alcoholic level, the wine is transferred to old oak barrels to undergo the conversion from alcohol to acetic acid. The final product is vinegar, which then continues to mature in the oak barrels--a process that can take up to three years.

 Our Champagne Vinegar is artisan-crafted from Champagne wine, and is as luxurious a vinegar as its forebear is a wine. You'll enjoy its fruity aroma, the notes of pear in its full-bodied flavour and the delicacy of its composition.

 Use our Champagne Vinegar with our Herbs de Provence extra virgin olive oil on an iceberg salad with bleu cheese for a true taste of France!